May 17th, 2019 – Palazzo Vecchio, Salone dei Cinquecento ( della Signoria)

15:00 – Participants’ registration

Welcome Session
Chair: G. Ladu

16:00 – G. Ladu, Honours to the flags, Welcome addresses by Rotarian, Academic and Civil Authorities

16:30 – Claudio Borri: Introducing and opening the Colloquium (in the 50th anniversary of RC Firenze Sud)

Introductory Lecture

16:45 – Mario Primicerio: “Peace in the Mediterranean: the legacy of Giorgio La Pira”

Session 1, Chair: F. Angotti

17:15 – Cesare Calcara: Rotary’s contribution to peace-building and to bringing Libya to renew its participation to peace process in the  context  of the Mediterranean Renaissance (RC Palermo Mediterranea and RC Marseille Méditerranée)

17:45 – Enzo Siviero: The new “silk roads” connecting the Mediterranean

18:15 – Salvatore Iovieno: The activities of Rotary District D2100 for the promotion of peace in the Mediterranean area

18:45 – Participants’ contributions – Discussion

19:15 – 20:30
Welcome Aperitif

May 18th, 2019 – Auditorium of Sant’Apollonia (via S. Gallo 25)

Session 2, Chair: G. Ladu

09:45 – Pietro Bartòlo: Saving lives in the Mediterranean area

10:00 – Sergio Piazzi: The Parliamentary diplomacy as a tool for peace and Renaissance of Mediterranean: the role of  PAM

10:30 – Alberto Prestininzi: “Mediterranean georisks, climate changes and major environmental issues”

11:00 – Mara Miniati: The “sea  between the lands”:  a melting pot of experiences, a laboratory of ideas

11:30 – Gianni Bartoli, Lorenzo Cappietti: A sea of energy (renewable energy harvesting from the Mediterranean sea: sun, wind and waves)

12:00 – Maria Cristina Fossi: Environmental protection of the Mediterranean Sea: is the Mare Nostrum a polluted sea?

12:30 – Matteo Isola, Erica Caporali: Impacts of climate – change on the hydraulic risk in the Mediterranean 

13:15 – 14:30 Lunch break (buffet)

Session 3, Chair: E. Siviero

14:30 – Speeches from Academic Networks (EAMC, CUM, RMEI)

– Mara Lombardi (RMEI): Mediterranean Universities networking through education, cultural events, research projects, internships with Business and Institutions

– Nicola Monda, Enzo Siviero (EAMC): The value of  recognition of  mutual competences

– Carlo Di Benedetta (CUM): Higher Education, Training and Research for Sustainable Development in the Mediterranean Region (PESME)

16:00 – ROTARACT contribution

Ancient greenhouse of Botanical Garden
(via Vittorio Emanuele II n. 4 and/or via Bolognese 17)

19:00 – 20:00
Benefit Concert, Italian Youth Orchestra of the School of Music of Fiesole 

20:30 – 23:00
Gala dinner

May 19th, 2019 – Auditorium of Sant’Apollonia (via S. Gallo 25)

Session 4, Chair: G. Sallemi

10:00 – Michele Betti, Claudio Borri, Alessandro Conti, Vladimir Kovacevic e Grazia Tucci: Integrated modeling for the protection and rehabilitation of built monumental heritage in the Mediterranean area (from geomatics to seismic safety simulation)

10:30 – Marco Casamonti & Paolo Spinelli: Sustainable architecture in the Mediterranean area

11:00 – Arben Shtylla: New projects of sustainable architecture in Tirana

11:30 – Special Session: Global Grants, Scholarships

– Gjiergji Vasilj, Presidente RC Tirana: Presentation of the Rotary Foundation Global Grant (Scholarship: Dr. Bianka Hoxha)

– Maurizio Triscari: Presentation of the Rotary Foundation Global Grant (Scholarship: Dr. Gabriele Roccaro)

12:00 – Alessandro Severini, Luigi Severini: Building the first offshore wind farm in the Mediterranean

12:30 – Plenary discussion (Moderator: C. Borri)

13:00 – 13:15 – Closing session