First Announcement

Chair: C. Borri (President, RC Firenze Sud, 18/’19)
Honorary Committee Chairs: Gov.s F. Angotti (PDG 2070) & G. Ladu (DG 2071, 18/’19)
International Advisory Board Chair: E. Siviero (Rector Univ. eCAMPUS)
Organizing Committee Coord.: P. A. Germani (PE 2019/’20, RC Firenze Sud)
The event’s primary purpose is to revamp the debate around some of the top priority humanitarian issues for Rotary International, such as migration and peace, maternal and child health, infrastructure and environment, sustainable architecture and cultural identities, in the sign of the great and visionary florentine tradition initiated by the Mayor G. La Pira in October 1958 with the First Mediterranean Colloquium of Florence, and thanks to the partecipation of illustrious guests including G. Bartoli, P. Bartòlo, M. Betti, C. Calcara, M. Casamonti, M.C. Fossi, M. Miniati, A. Prestininzi, M. Primicerio, A. Shtylla, E. Siviero, P. Spinelli, M. Triscari, G. Tucci, G. Vasili.
The meeting has an entirely humanitarian purpose. Scholarships and beneficiaries of the RF Global Grants associated with the “Mediterranean Project” will be presented during the Colloquium. 

Cultural and social program included in the participation fee:
Concert of the “Scuola di Musica di Fiesole”, Gala Dinner, in-house catering services, e-book seminar proceedings including a collection of contributions for the 50th Anniversary of the RC Firenze Sud.

Services not included in the participation fee, but bookable through the Organising Secretariat:

Guided tours to museums, exhibitions and attractions of the Florentine area